A new Director for I.C.S.C.

Through . Published on 10 September 2016 à 16h39 - Update on 31 January 2017 à 18h36

p12-icsc-bill-kistlerAmerican executive Bill Kistler has been appointed as the Vice President and Managing Director of the ICSC for the Europe, Africa and Middle East region, reporting directly to President Tom McGee. He replaces former Vice-President Mike Morrissey, who left the non-profit organisation in late March 2016. Kistler previously worked at IBM, responsible for property in New York and Paris, at Cushman & Wakefield and at Disney Development Company, responsible for the Val d’Europe shopping mall near Disneyland in Paris. Kistler faces a delicate task, calming tensions within the I.C.S.C, as the European members based in London have been frustrated by rigid control by the U.S. office.