Amazon is the world’s 4th largest retailer by sales

Through . Published on 15 February 2019 à 10h59 - Update on 10 May 2019 à 16h18

The 22nd edition of the “Global Powers of Retailing” survey from Deloitte showcases how the 250 biggest retailers performed in 2017. If U.S. traditional players remain the world’s behemoths, Amazon is about to jump on the band waggon.

In 2017 (including fiscal years to June 2018 for some firms), sales of the 250 largest retailers accelerated to +5.7% (adjusted for currency valuations) to US$4.53 trillion. However, net profit margin dropped to 2.3% of sales as competition increased. On average, international sales drove 23.6% of revenue. Within the “Top 10”, U.S. retailers occupy 7 slots. In 2017, retail revenue of the “Top 10” grew by 6.1% whilst net profit margin dropped to 2% of sales (-1 point). 25% of their revenue came from outside their home country,…

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