At Pepe Jeans, stores are an integral part of e-commerce services

Mind Retail met Marcella Wartenbergh, C.E.O. of AWWG (formerly Pepe Jeans Group) in a video interview. After a difficult year during which the Web accounted for 21% of the activity, she shares her convictions in terms of customer relations, conversion and value creation.

Through . Published on 04 May 2021 à 17h28 - Update on 11 May 2021 à 12h25

After Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein, you joined Pepe Jeans Group in the end of 2019. Please present the company.

Marcella Wartenbergh: AWWG (All We Wear Group, formerly Pepe Jeans) operates the Pepe Jeans London, Hackett and Façonnable brands. We have 225 fully-owned shops, 2,000 corners in department stores and about 3,000 specialty stores operated via a wholesale model. We operate mainly in Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland), but also in the U.S.A., in Japan and in India. For India, we manage 80 stores but the market is clearly driven by e-commerce, so we will launch a new e-commerce website in September 2021. In total, wholesale accounted for 40% of the group’s sales last year. 

How has e-commerce grown in 2020 and how profitable is it? 

M.W.: Last year, e-commerce accounted for 21% of the Group’s total turnover.…

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