Back Market. “In 16 markets, our main challenge is to ensure that supply keeps pace with demand”

Only six months after previous fundraising, the second-hand marketplace Back Market (specialising in electrical products), raised €450 million and reached a valuation of €5.1 billion. George Yates, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Backmarket, explains strategic guidelines

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 04 February 2022 à 17h43 - Update on 17 November 2022 à 10h46

Back Market has recorded US$ 1.5 billion in run rate revenues in 3 years. Can you describe the business model? 

George Yates: Founded in 2014, Back Market is a digital marketplace that specialises in refurbished electrical products. The inventory comes from merchants who refurbish products. Back Market does not buy products. We select quality merchants, according to precise K.P.I.s, which include specialist electrical refurbishment and a guaranteed quality.…

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