Beauty retailer Natura & Co. posts solid results

Through . Published on 18 March 2020 à 14h30 - Update on 18 March 2020 à 14h30

In Brazil, the cosmetics giant Natura recorded a solid performance in the 4th quarter of 2019, with sales of US$1 billion, a rise of 7.3%. Adjusted E.B.I.T.D.A. grew by 12% to US$177 million. These results come from a sustained sales growth for 3 brands. Net sales grew by 3% at Natura, by 6.7% at The Body Shop and by 13% at Aesop. These results do not yet include revenue from the British beauty brand Avon, acquired by Natura in early January 2020. Roberto Marques, the group’s C.E.O., said that Natura’s profit (US$3.1 million) will remain under pressure in early 2020 due to costs associated with the British purchase.