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Customer loyalty: Payment data at the service of customer knowledge

Personal profiles, bank cards, purchase and loyalty vouchers. Thanks to detailed knowledge of customers that is now omnichannel, brands are turning this into new levers to build customer loyalty. The secret sauce is to exploit payment data, which is both reliable and the most "actionable" data. An example is how the Lyf application works.

Through . Published on 15 March 2022 Ă  10h53 - Update on 15 March 2022 Ă  17h30

Faced with increasingly choosy and unfaithful consumers, many looking for promotions while others are disappointed low level of rewards like points, kitty or discounts promised by retailers, retailers are restructuring loyalty programs. Some have significant ambitions. An example is Groupe Casino, “preparing the future of payment and loyalty cards” with Lugh, a crypto-currency launched in March 2021. For retailers such as Casino, the objective is to prevent digital platforms like Facebook from collecting customer data for their own benefit and making money with marketing insights.…

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