Ranking. Online retailers gain ground within the “Retail Top 50”

According to the NRF, 8 online retailers are now part of the “Top 50” global retailers in 2019. Online retailers are now the most represented category, on a par with hypermarkets.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 02 July 2021 à 17h46 - Update on 23 October 2022 à 12h09

The Top 50 global retailers in 2019 include 8 e-commerce players. There are two American companies (Amazon and eBay), as well as two from China (JD.com and Alibaba), two from Japan (Rakuten and Z-Holdings, formerly Yahoo Japan), one from South Africa (called Naspers) and one from South Korea (Lotte Shopping), which is based in the world’s most advanced e-commerce market. In terms of number of entries, online retailers are now on a par with hypermarkets like Walmart,…

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