Commercial property: Overview of rental values in Europe

Looking at the retail property sector, the average rental values have been falling for two years. From the end of 2019 and the end of 2021, rents fell by 19% for malls and 16% in high streets. Whilst the bulk of decline is in 2020, these two formats are far from recovering growth in 2021. Last year, rental evolutions were still in the red, a sign of a continuing readjustment. On the basis of CBRE data, Mind Retail offers an overview of rental values in the 10 largest European countries, format by format.

Through . Published on 15 March 2022 à 11h08 - Update on 23 October 2022 à 12h09

According to data provided by CBRE, shopping streets and shopping malls experienced different trajectories. For European high streets,…

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