Social e-commerce, or the return of direct sales. How can retailers grow?

Direct sales have always existed in retail, but the- digital version in the form of social e-commerce and live shopping is developing at great speed. This is driven by increased conversion rates of enquiry to sale via real shopping baskets. We have a re-humanisation of the e-commerce experience to ensure customer satisfaction via brand image and community building. While in Europe, the use of live shopping remains tiny compared to China, what is the real potential of social e-commerce according to product categories? Between assisted and live sales, which models are the most efficient? For which brands are these tools particularly suitable, and what is the highest profitability?

Through . Published on 11 March 2022 à 16h53 - Update on 14 October 2022 à 10h30


Direct sales in digital: aimed at winning business from a digital consumer, this technology arrived in Europe alongside Covid-19. The British department stores of John Lewis are expanding their offer of free video appointments, from 1 to 2 hours. After appointments dedicated to childcare, fashion and home furnishings, John Lewis has launched beauty consultations in April 2021. Between April 2020 and January 2022, the retailer conducted 74,700 free customer appointments (from one to two hours). At the end of 2020, a spokesperson told Mind Retail, “The average spend basket is much higher than for traditional e-commerce orders. It is rewarding for our salespeople, in terms of C.R.M., because it encourages a personal relationship. They can share the living room or the wardrobe of customers. We see how seamless integration with social networks is essential. 15% of customers send us promotional links from Instagram and Pinterest.” Integration with digital messenger platforms like MS Messenger or WhatsApp is essential to win customer loyalty and revenue.


In France, Fnac Darty has been working since May 2021 with CPM, which provides remote sales advisors. “When a Fnac Darty consumer wants information about a product, a pop-up appears and offers help,” explains Nathalie Andrieu, Director of CPM. “It is not a chatbot as a customer is with sales staff who activate a camera, answer questions and gives a demonstration. When a customer asks an initial technical question,…

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