Fashion. Are socially conscious brands leading the way?

For traditional retailers, combining sustainability and profitability is a headache. Sophie Baqué met Mathieu Sauleau, Operational Director at Vilebrequin to understand how the swimsuit specialist, owned by the multi-billion dollar U.S. giant GIII Apparel, is following this aim.

Through . Published on 17 June 2019 à 9h33 - Update on 17 June 2019 à 9h33

SB: When consumers and the media are condemning plastic and synthetic materials, Vilebrequin launched a men’s swimsuit made of recycled polyester yarn. How is sustainability at the heart of the brand’s D.N.A?

M.S.: In May 2019, Vilebrequin launched a swimsuit fully made with recycled polyester yarn named “Man”. We work with a group of 1,500 Spanish fishermen, who collect plastic waste in their fishing nets in the Mediterranean. Instead of throwing this waste back into the sea, which is what they used to do in the past, they bring it to the mainland. Plastic waste is sent to Spanish and French factories to be transformed into recycled polyester yarn. The “Man” swimsuit, priced at €135, is Vilebrequin’s most emblematic sustainable commitment. We take care, at our level, of the maritime world, which is at the heart of our brand’s DNA. This swimsuit has the same quality,…

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