Galeries Lafayette will reopen the store dedicated to Chinese tourists and sell the BHV flagship

According to mind Retail's information, the Galeries Lafayette group will soon reopen a store on Haussmann Boulevard dedicated to Asian customers and tax-free shopping. At the same time the firm entered into exclusive negotiations to sell the BHV Marais department store.

Through Bleuenn Fequant et Sophie Baqué. Published on 24 February 2023 à 17h41 - Update on 24 February 2023 à 19h42

After two years of Covid, it is decision time at Galeries Lafayette. Alexandra Weddingen, in charge of the group’s communication, confirmed the forthcoming reopening of the store dedicated to Asian customers (Shopping and Welcome Center), which was inaugurated in April 2017. Covid-19 restrictions forced the store to suspend business.…

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