Gulf and Asia. How technology boosts Customer service

For past decades, Europe and the U.S. have been innovation hubs for the retail sector. In this special “retail tech” edition, we selected the most disconcerting activities of retailers in Asia and the Middle East, which drive excellent customer loyalty.

Through . Published on 13 June 2017 à 10h48 - Update on 10 May 2019 à 17h46

In 2017, retail “labs” appear to have changed. In new geographies and emerging countries of Asia and the Middle Eastern omnichannel initiatives are booming with a high degree of innovation and boldness. These are driven by a young population of “Millennials” born after 1981, who make up 30% of Chinese and more than 50% of the Gulf. They have very high use of mobile technology and strong demand for seamless and convenient e-commerce purchasing. In China, a Chinese version of Amazon Go is already live in-store.…

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