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  • Ads.txt: which advertising providers do retailers work with?

    In our study of 100 e-commerce sites worldwide, mind Retail analysed the relationships between retailers' websites and marketplaces alongside service providers responsible for selling their advertising inventory in programmatic mode. E-retail media continues to grow at a significant rate 2 years after the pandemic. Online shopping and associated advertising are now a seamless fact of life for consumers. According to the latest GroupM report in September 2022, retail media is expected to reach US$101 billion in 2022 worldwide, up by 15% year-on-year. This segment accounted for 18% of global digital advertising revenue in 2021. Although the trend is growing, there remain few retailers who are involved in programmatic advertising sales. We read this as a sign of a relative maturity in the market. Out of a study of 100 e-commerce sites, only 22 offered an ‘ads.txt’ file.

  • Reconciling e-commerce and stores: what are the best practices of phygital?

    In terms of omnichannel and phygital retail, winners are rare. How do you bring a Web offer into the physical store? What can DNVB and ONVB teach traditional retailers? Is omnichannel a way to bring customers back to a store? Is the extension of the offer (e-commerce, marketplace) essential to gain market share? As traffic in specialized stores shrinks, mind Retail offers an overview of good practices to encourage conversion of enquiry to sale.