Maisons du Monde: partnering with Alma, the use of credit tripled in 12 months

Six months after launching payment in four installments without charge on its website and in store with Alma, Maisons du Monde presented its results at the end of December 2022 at the 1-to-1 conference in Monaco. Lessons learnt: the Web outpaced the level of stores, and the company is developing offers with longer monthly payments to encourage conversion in the face of purchasing power tensions.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 17 March 2023 à 16h43 - Update on 28 March 2023 à 11h09

In June 2022, Maisons du Monde (turnover of €1.24 billion in 2022, down by 5.1% vs. 2021 and up by 5.1% vs. 2019) launched, in stores and e-commerce, a payment offer to spread purchases over 4 installments with cost-free payments,…

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