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Paysurf: Facilitate and secure payment on digital marketplaces

Behind the success of digital marketplaces lies a precise mechanism adroit at receiving, dividing and transferring funds authorised by customers. This payment element is deployed by integrated Payment Service Providers (PSP) and is critical to the successful function and profit of digital technology. Paysurf, which initiates a European step with ACPR, is a major building block for this booming sector. We interviewed Eric Dangreaux, Sales Manager.

Through . Published on 14 April 2022 Ă  16h10 - Update on 16 April 2022 Ă  0h40

Amazon, Cdiscount and now Ankorstore in B2B marketplaces are gaining ground. How do you perceive this phenomenon as a PSP but also as a subsidiary of a large banking group, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale?

Eric Dangreaux: According to the latest figures from FEVAD, the volume of business generated by third-party sellers on marketplaces represents one third of the total volume of e-commerce in France. This has grown by 32% between 2019 and 2021. The marketplace model is even more prominent since the Covid-19 crisis. By developing their own marketplace, retailers win more business by offering a “one-stop-shopping”,…

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