Retail is « Datail »

Through . Published on 16 January 2019 à 10h10 - Update on 14 October 2022 à 10h41

Algorithms. Data science. Robotics. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps retailers to handle a vast amount of challenges, including optimisation of supply-chain management in real time, delivery schedules and product improvements and provide a high added value. Such technology is spreading to every part of retail. How far can A.I. optimise operational efficiency for retailers?



Luke Jenssen, Managing Director of Ocado Solutions, the technological branch of Ocado online grocer

On the one hand, there are traditional retailers. On the other hand, there are firms disguised as retailers like Instacart, Ocado, Birchbox, Indochino or Rent the Runway, who are actually tech companies. The use of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is part of their array of competitive advantages and how they are different. Where traditional players increasingly invest in A.I. to support marketing, logistics and deliveries, new competitors place A.I. at the core of their business models. According to Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst for Digital Business Strategy at Forrester,…

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