Retail Media, at the heart of a new collaboration between retailers and brands

Following the Publicis Retail Morning conference held in Paris, Mind Retail synthesizes the stakes of retail data in an Essential format: market panorama, key figures, recent announcements, challenges and opportunities on the side of brands and retailers and overview of the key retail media players.

Through . Published on 30 July 2021 à 12h01 - Update on 30 July 2021 à 13h07

The context

Retailers like Walmart, Tesco or Carrefour are historically very advanced in terms of transactional data from store operations. However, alongside the growth of e-commerce (28% of retail sales in the UK in 2020 and 13% in France), this data has become much richer. Retailers are more aware of the rich potential and want to monetise it to further develop a targeted retail media strategy. Such a data has considerable value for brands eager to improve their promotional campaigns. Retail media is the fastest growing lever in the field of digital marketing. Real growth has been pushed up since Covid-19.


Retail Media: make retail data available to your supply chain in order to optimise their media and trade marketing budgets,…

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