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Social network selling: are we hooked?

Conversation on WhatsApp, Shopping via Instagram… Consumers were in touch with brands during the Covid-19 on Social Media. As a new channel of influence and loyalty to brands, social media revenue through Social Selling cannot be ignored.

Through . Published on 04 November 2020 à 14h42 - Update on 04 November 2020 à 15h00

Sealed at home during the lockdown, Clarins customers didn’t care about make-up, but still sought advice on skin care and how to reduce stress, according to Hootsuite, which offers network monitoring solutions. The cosmetics retailer (estimated turnover: €1.35 billion and 58 own stores worldwide) duly adapted content for social networks. Daily posts on Instagram provided tips from beauty coach Rebecca Jones but without any additional spending, explains Deborah Holloway, Digital Media Director. Faced with the electroshock of Covid-19, the retailer quickly adjusted to better communicate directly with empathy (launch of Clarins&Me personalised consultations) and to take care of customers.

Like Clarins, many retailers can measure the reactivity and market value of Facebook and emulators (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, WeChat) during the Covid-19 crisis. “This is where the audience lives. Consumers are devoting more and more time to it. Moreover, they have perfectly integrated social media into their purchasing process”,…

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