“We are the boss”

Whilst consumer mistrust has spread across traditional business and the associated inaccurate content of goods, this has sparked new and exciting initiatives in the form of “niche” brands. These now partner with consumers, who demand a totally transparent supply chain. Global Retail News investigated how successful brands are raising profiles.

Through . Published on 16 February 2018 à 20h39 - Update on 10 May 2019 à 17h20

Consumers now demand that people who make their clothes and smartphones thousands of miles away do so for a fair reward. Others require specific information about the additives and chemical dyes within their food. Some no longer buy beauty products that include toxic substances. Consumer mistrust has gained ground due to widespread and public scandals about illegal and dangerous supply chains. Selling mislabelled and out-of-date products, the 2013 “horsegate” scandal shocked Europeans. In August 2017, eggs contaminated with the “Fipronil” insecticide were sold across 15 countries, from Europe to Hong Kong. In January 2018, the beauty accessory retailer Claire’s removed two dozen make-up products previously sold to young girls across its North American and European stores. This arose due to an American mother from Rhode Island who analysed a product, discovering a carcinogenic asbestos residue. Claire’s immediately withdrew these products with an investigation. Is it possible for a retailer to recover lost reputation from such a scandal in 2018 ?
In the retail sector,…

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