After Douglas, Criteo strengthens a beauty footprint with Flaconi pure-player

Criteo, which has raised the financial forecast for 2021, is rolling out a retail media offering in the non-food sector. Elise Ophèle, Head of Sales Retail Media Non-Food, and Nicolas Benoît, Managing Director, Retail Media Supply France and Belgium, explain the offer.

Through . Published on 20 December 2021 à 10h28 - Update on 18 January 2022 à 11h11

Why are there such gaps in terms of retail media maturity between the different retail verticals?

N.B.: The traction on the subject is biased by the level of margin in each retail industry. In food, the net margin is generally very low and rarely exceeds 2% to 3%. In Consumer Electronics, it is also low,…