Lise Charmel : “Any cyber risk is even greater today because there is no longer full insurance cover”

Lingerie retailer Lise Charmel, highly active in Russia and Eastern Europe, reported a massive cyberattack two years ago. For the company, whose annual turnover reached €60 million in 2018 as the last full year before cyberattack and Covid-19, it took 6 months of rebuild and sheltering behind temporary receivership. President Olivier Piquet considers lessons learned.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 18 February 2022 à 16h58 - Update on 17 November 2022 à 10h45

Lise Charmel suffered a major cyber-attack in 2019. What happened?

Olivier Piquet: In November 2019, in just one night, our entire IS and data were encrypted. At the time, our cyber security risk was ranked at n°3. We considered that we were prepared. Our fashion business is very developed in Russia and in Eastern Europe, where we were selling alongside other premium brands such as Louis Vuitton or Hermès. We were attacked by Moscow-based cyber pirates across the entire business. Our operations were entirely digitalized, from initial product design to the stores, including manufacturing and logistics.…