Retail & Quick Commerce : Overview of European players

How do the main European food retailers work with Quick Commerce players? What are the concentrations in this sector? Mind Retail, by analysing activity of the 10 largest food retailers in Europe, identified 19 major partnerships between retailers and quick commerce players.

Through . Published on 25 February 2022 à 16h06 - Update on 23 October 2022 à 12h09

The desire of grocery retailers to launch express delivery services took shape in January 2017, well before Covid-19. Looking at the strategies of European Top 10, the German supermarket chain Edeka first developed a subsidiary, Bringmeister, to deliver at home. However, Bringmeister cannot be considered a quick commerce player given its delivery minimum of 60 minutes.  

Since 2020 and the Covid-19 crisis, European retailers have been forced to join forces or develop their express delivery services. Numerous start-ups sprung up promises to deliver food shopping in record time.…