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Douglas and Fnac Darty also launch retail media platforms

The trend started in the grocery sectors, for players like Walmart, Tesco, Rewe or Carrefour. However, this is rare for specialty retailers, with the exception of the beauty giant Douglas and Fnac Darty.

Through . Published on 19 July 2021 à 13h11 - Update on 19 July 2021 à 13h18

In late May 2021, Douglas signed with Criteo to boost retail media revenue. In early July 2021, the European technical retailer Fnac Darty Group (740 stores and up to 27 million unique visitors per month) said it was launching a platform focused on retail media.

Specialized in technical goods retail, Fnac Darty will launch Myretaillink platform in September. Entirely dedicated to data sharing and media activation, it will integrate all retail data coming from stores and e-commerce. It will be a self-service platform. “We are testing it during the summer with our partners (agencies and brands) and this platform will be available to all brands at the beginning of the school year,” Alexandra Suire, Director of Advertising and Trade Marketing at Fnac Darty, told Mind Retail during the Publicis Commerce Morning on July 6, 2021. It will primarily target stocked suppliers of the Fnac and Darty brands (and not third-party brands in the marketplace) as well as non-captive advertisers. Brands will be able to analyse their own business K.P.I.s, activate online devices and measure the R.O.I. of all their marketing and media actions,” added Alexandra Suire. The measurement of the ROPO (Research Offline, Purchase Online) effect is directly integrated. 

Even if Fnac Darty has been working on advertising monetization for five years, it shows growing ambitions. For good reason: e-commerce has gone from 19% of sales in 2019 to 29% in 2020. “In the first half of 2021, we see that the baseline remains strong and confirms the omnichannel model, with 42% of e-commerce sales being made on a store / Web mix,” continued Alexandra Suire. The group has 36 million customers. E-commerce websites – Fnac and Darty – attract a total of 27 million unique visitors per month. To date, 280 brands in the 20/80 segment work with the Fnac Darty advertising agency. “Search e-retail” investments, which bring products up first on results pages, are also gaining ground. “In some categories, 70% of our sales are made in the first five positions of the results,” she concluded. “Other K.P.I.s are also gaining in importance for brands, such as e-reputation on merchant sites. This indicator is becoming increasingly important in their marketing and media campaigns”.