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Etsy takes over the “British Vinted”

Through . Published on 15 June 2021 à 13h39 - Update on 15 June 2021 à 13h39

The Etsy marketplace (revenues of US$1.72 billion in 2020, + 111%) announced the acquisition of the British second-hand platform Depop for US$1.63 billion. This should be effective in Q3 2021. With 30 million members in 150 countries, Depop specialises in second-hand vintage clothing (1990’s and 2000’s). It has a much younger audience (90% of users are under 26) and more engaged than Etsy’s clients. In 2020, revenues doubled to US$70 million, for a Gross Merchandise Value of US$650 million. Last year, Depop had 4 million active buyers for 2 million sellers. 75% of sellers were also buyers and 90% are under 26.