Exclusive. Alibaba out of the TOP 10 global retailers in 2021

Since 2017, mind retail published analys of retail revenues for the world's leading retailers. What were these revenues in 2021, for the 10 largest players in the sector? How much of business comes from e-commerce, and what was profitability? mind Retail analysed financial reports.

Through Bleuenn Fequant. Published on 01 August 2022 à 10h33 - Update on 21 October 2022 à 21h42

With the publication, in July 2022, of the financial results of the German Schwarz and Aldi as of 31 December 2021, mind Retail updates the annual ranking of the 10 largest retailers worldwide, based on retail sales for 2021.

Methodology :

This ranking is conducted in US$,…