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  • [op-ed] How European retailers are getting prepared for the new-generation Chinese tourists ?

    Selvane Mohandas du Ménil, Managing Director at International Association of Department Stores, explains the current retail strategies after the reopening of the Chinese borders in January 2023. While department stores have learnt how to survive during and after the pandemic by addressing local shoppers and other nationalities, they eagerly wait to see Chinese tourists back in stores. It is particularly true in Europe, where they represented 50% of luxury sales in 2019.

  • Winnie Park, Forever 21: “In terms of sustainability, GenZ favours authenticity”

    The C.E.O. of Forever 21 was the guest at the latest FrenchFounders meeting in New York. After working at Levi Strauss and LVMH (DFS), and tasked with restructuring the PaperSource stationery group for 6 years, she took over the teen fashion retailer in January 2022, 2 years after the business filed for bankruptcy. She shares her vision with mind Retail on the importance of innovation to win back Generation Z.

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