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Good Food Holdings. “We are in the early stages of selecting dark stores”

In the U.S.A., supermarket chain Good Food Holdings operates 51 stores. According to C.E.O. Neil Stern, inflation, staff shortage and higher wages encourage retailers to automate operations.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 28 January 2022 à 13h30 - Update on 08 March 2023 à 12h22

In 2020, sales were US$ 1.4 billion. What about 2021?

Neil Stern: It was a good year, with annual sales of US$1.5 billion, up by 7.1%. We achieved 4% above forecast. For 2022, we expect around 5% revenue growth, driven by 3 supermarket openings, steady same-store sales, and higher online revenue. Following the peak of 2020,…

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