To cover the constantly evolving retail sector, the mind group acquired the specialized publication Global Retail News, which has taken the name mind Retail.

At the same time, the publication has been enriched by bringing in specialists to monitor these subjects and to organize a network of decision-makers.

At a time when a new retail paradigm is emerging, made all the more obvious by the current crisis, mind Retail aims to become a reliable, long-term companion for market players by providing clear, precise, factual information and offering a space for confidential, no-holds-barred meetings between professionals.

The mind Retail program will bring together key players in the transformation of retail and mass distribution through a series of meetings on the structural themes of unified commerce, its website and a monthly newsletter on retail transformations.

Through this project, the aim is to promote understanding of the retail market, its new players and its new practices. The use of data, digitalization of the supply chain, new payment interfaces, social commerce, drive-to-store, CRM and loyalty… are some of the topics that will be covered in mind Retail.