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Italy. E-commerce is progressing, except in the food sector

Through . Published on 22 March 2021 à 22h39 - Update on 22 March 2021 à 22h39

According to Mr. Fabrizio Valente, C.E.O. of the Milan-based retail consultancy Kikilab, the pace of adopting online retail in Italy has been different, depending on the category. In the non-food sector, Italy’s online market share gained an average of between 6 points and 8 points between 2019 and 2020. Household appliances and electronics lead the way, as e-commerce accounted for 34% of that market last year, up by 6 points. This was followed by books and cultural products at 29% (+8 points), fashion at 15% (+6 points) and furniture at 13% (+5 points). On the other hand, e-commerce reached a plateau in Italy’s food sector. Online grocery sales stagnated from 1% of that market in 2019 to just 1.7% in 2020 (Osservatorio e-commerce B2C 2020).