Label Emmaüs : ” The system of second hand to finance new is not coherent “

While the AGEC law is forcing one of the most polluting industries in the world to take the path of sustainable development, for Maud Sarda, co-founder and director of Label Emmaus, most textile retailers are adopting the wrong strategy. Label Emmaus has been Emmaus' online retail site since 2016 to offer an alternative to traditional e-commerce sites.

Through Bleuenn Fequant. Published on 29 April 2022 à 15h33 - Update on 21 October 2022 à 21h32

Since 1st January 2022, the AGEC law prohibits ready-to-wear brands from destroying unsold products to ensure they are use again. How have brands reacted?

Maud Sarda: The law is recent and these measures that take time. Before AGEC, only 21% of new and undestroyed unsold goods were given to the solidarity sector.…