Leroy Merlin Romania. “We will open a marketplace in 2023”

Over 10 years, Leroy Merlin Romania moved from a low-price retail concept to an omnichannel company in which e-commerce plays a major role, both in terms of activity and profitability. What are the next steps? Mind Retail interviews Frédéric Lamy, General Manager. 

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 07 January 2022 à 15h11 - Update on 10 February 2023 à 11h24

Can you present Leroy Merlin Romania in a few figures? 

F.L.: It is a young company, created in 2011, which has just celebrated a 10th anniversary. I became the C.E.O. in 2014. We manage 19 D.I.Y. stores, from 10,000 to 12,000 sq.m GLA on average, like in Western Europe. 60% of stores are fully owned and 40% are leased. We also rent a 20,000 sq.m warehouse, operated by our partner Geodis. Leroy Merlin Romania has been profitable since 2017, and we are a good contributor within the ADEO group, with a turnover of €600 million in 2021 and a target of €1 billion in turnover by 2025. We sell 25,000 products to cover construction,…