Market place. My best ennemy ?

For some retailers, large market places such as Amazon and Tmall can help generating additional revenue or quickly evaluate a new territory. For others, trading with them means joining forces with the devil. Global Retail News investigates some of the ways to partner with the virtual supermalls of the 21st century.

Through . Published on 18 January 2018 à 14h15 - Update on 14 October 2022 à 10h44

20 years ago, retailers were reluctant to operate in malls. In 2018, the reluctance has moved to working in digital marketplaces. The retail industry has very mixed attitudes to this dilemma. “Whereas two or three years ago, retailers were reluctant to sell their products on Amazon, I feel that the tide has turned”, said Dimitri Dewavrin, C.E.O. of The Agent. “All the Comex members I’ve met are asking whether they should be listed on Amazon or Tmall”.…