NRF: Observations from the Retail Big Show 2022

Fabrice Haiat, C.E.O. of Yoobic, and Guillaume Rio, Director of Technology Trends at Echangeur BNP Paribas PF, covered the NRF in New York. Where the 2022 show was disrupted by Covid-19, they decode for Mind Retail the main axes of U.S. retail.

Through . Published on 04 February 2022 à 17h19 - Update on 04 February 2022 à 18h09

Order processing, robotics and automation. The quest for logistics efficiency, from picking to last-mile delivery, formed a common thread at the NRF. “The trend towards automation has left its mark on me,” summarises Guillaume Rio. It has accelerated significantly, particularly in the grocery sector, around various axes like picking or deliveries via autonomous vehicles. Players like Gopuff, Door Dash and Jokr are using their fundraising to buy up vacant retail sq.m and set up dark stores in nearby cities. Amazon is doing the same. In food, Walmart and Target are setting up more and more independent “micro-fulfillment centers”…