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Online client path. Contentsquare buys its israeli counterpart

Through . Published on 10 July 2019 à 10h40 - Update on 10 July 2019 à 10h40

Started in 2012 by Jonathan Cherki, Contentsquare is a French data optimisation specialist firm. It provides data analysis services to retailers about how their customers behave. Clients such as Wal-Mart, Sephora, Samsung and Rakuten are provided with information to help understand how and why users interact with their websites and applications. The technology captures billions of data records based on behaviour, navigation, mouse movement and ‘click’ on the websites of retailers. Contentsquare transforms this enormous bag of information into operational recommendations for retailers, improving the rate of web site conversion from an enquiry in to a paid sale.

With a staff of 550 and 170 working in R&D, Contentsquare signalled significant expansion with the July acquisition of its Israeli competitor Clicktale, without disclosing financial details. “The purchase of Clicktale is perfectly complementary”, said Shlomi Hagai, C.E.O. of Clicktale, in a recent statement. “The Israeli company helps digital teams from customers to identify and reduce friction points from the customer sales path. Our tag line is: Clicktale tells the story of your customer’s behaviour.”

This latest acquisition allows
Contentsquare to gain ground in the promising market of online behaviour
analysis. With nearly 9 billion digital interactions analysed daily, both
companies will be able to offer an array of K.P.I’s, (Key Performance
Indicators), benchmarks and recommendations, improving the online conversion
rates and e-commerce turnover of their customers. The portfolio is used by 600
clients worldwide, including 30% of “Fortune Global 100” (Note: 100
global companies are ranked according to the importance of their turnover). More
than 12,000 experts will use the data solutions of both companies every day.

In June Contentsquare had already announced a takeover of Pricing Assistant, a solution for pricing optimisation and e-merchandising. Created by Sylvain Zimmer and Martin de Charrette, Pricing Assistant developed an algorithm that allows online retailers to set the appropriate price to optimise their margins. This is calculated by collecting market data like competitors’ prices, supply, availability and the operations of their websites. 

Between 2016 and 2019, Contentsquare
raised US$122 million from investors such as Eurazeo, Canaan, Highland Europe
and H14. The company has offices in Paris, London, Munich, Tel Aviv and in the
U.S.A (New York and San Francisco).  At
the company strengthens a presence in Europe, the U.S.A and Asia, it is a
business to follow closely.