Grégoire Borgoltz, Picnic : “We impose a delivery routine, and it works”

Active in the Netherlands, Germany and France, the online retailer Picnic has just raised €600 million from the fund created by Bill and Melinda Gates. Thanks to a high ticket, mutualized routes and a partnership with DHL, it manages to optimize the cost of outbound and inbound deliveries. Interview with Grégoire Borgoltz, Head of Growth.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 15 October 2021 à 18h29 - Update on 12 January 2024 à 14h35

In 2021, Picnic’s sales will grow from €470 million €1 billion. How was the group created?

G.B.: Picnic is a food pure-player. We launched in the Netherlands in 2015, in Germany in 2018 and in France in during March 2021. The initial observation was this: people don’t buy grocery online because delivery is too expensive, inaccurate or at times that don’t suit them. Quick commerce offers another alternative, with immediate delivery. However, for weekly grocery shopping, the most important thing remains a price.…