Retail. The new frontiers of the payment experience for 2022

As the “APIsation move” opens up data hidden in Information Systems, the retail payment market is offering an array of innovative services, alongside new players. Who are these new companies, and what do they bring to the payment experience? We give an overview of all the specifics to help understand this fundamental trend.

Through Aude Fredouelle. Published on 07 January 2022 à 14h22 - Update on 21 October 2022 à 21h32

The context

The payments sector, historically dominated by banks allied to payment service providers (PSPs) such as Worldline or Ingenico, has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. New entrants arrived with packaged or, on the contrary, hyper-segmented solutions that can be easily integrated via APIs, and simplified pricing. In addition to the PSP segment, others are tackling payment terminals, direct debits and fractional payments. Here is an overview of the new forces at work.


– PSP: Stripe and Adyen change the game

Traditionally, online retailers eager to manage online payments signed a distance selling contract with a bank and then used a PSP to manage processing. However, with more expensive but “full-service” solutions, integrating both “processing” and “collecting” as well as associated services (reconciliation,…