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Retailers face the inflation challenge for raw materials and energy

In March, inflation broke records in Europe. From Truffaut (owned by Louis Delhaize) to organic supermarkets, retailers are responding to the rise in costs in different ways, including increasing inventory, optimizing energy consumption in stores and working on R&D to reorganize sales offers.

Through . Published on 08 April 2022 à 12h27 - Update on 08 April 2022 à 12h27

European retailers are redoubling ingenuity to ensure flexibility in the current context. According to Eurostat, the EU’s statistics agency, inflation in the Eurozone is expected to reach 7.5% in March 2022 (in annual terms, i.e., March 2022 compared to March 2021). In February, inflation in the Eurozone rose by 5.9%.

Energy will have the strongest inflationary impact in March, with an increase of 44.7% of costs estimated, compared to a rise of 32% in February. As a comparison, one year ago,…

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